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Letter on Rent Increases

August 29, 2002

The Honourable Chris Hodgson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Dear Sir,

Do you not finally agree that it is time to change your Government's Tenant Protection Act?

This week, you will be announcing that you will again be permitting rent increases in 2003 that will far exceed inflation. Rents have already gone beyond any bounds of fairness.

This is the same week that the Divisional Court upheld permanent rent increases based on temporary increases in fuel costs experienced last year. Tenants will have to pay over and over again for this one time spike. The guideline formula compounds the problem.

In media coverage of the 1305 Wilson case, even landlord spokespeople Robert Doumani and Brad Butt could not argue that this was fair. They both suggested that only the Government can change the law.

Every day, we work with tenants who face these increases and the resulting evictions. They are senior citizens, working people, parents, students, and the most vulnerable people in our society. Their housing is becoming more and more unaffordable. Please tell them that you will put an end to rent increases in Ontario. Enough is enough - even for landlords.

Please act now. The law is grossly unfair.

Yours truly,

Dan McIntyre

Program Co-Ordinator

August 28, 2002

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