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Letter on Eviction of SARS victims

May 6, 2003

The Honourable David Young, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

And Mr. Chisanga Puta-Chekwe, Chair, Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal

Re: SARS and Tenants

Dear Sirs,

We are writing to ask that no tenant be evicted if that tenant is a victim of SARS.

Victims include those stricken by the disease or those who lose their jobs or livelihood because of the disease.

Under section 84 of the Act, Tribunal Officers appear to have sufficient legal authority to deny an eviction on the basis of unfairness. However, leadership should come from one or both of you, and a directive should be issued by you.

We note in the variety of measures taken by Governments, that the Federal Government has said that there will be measures to protect against defaulting on mortgages.

We thank you for your immediate attention to this serious issue.

Yours truly,

Gail Nyberg and Dan McIntyre

Program Co-Ordinators

May 05, 2003

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