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VECC and FMTA Save Millions in Hydro Costs for Toronto Tenants

A proposed increase in hydro rates by Toronto Hydro has been denied by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) after recommendations made by the FMTA. 

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Toronto Hydro was seeking to increase rates by $5 month for a typical Toronto household.

The FMTA met with the Ontario Energy Board in late November to relay our concerns about the impact such a massive increase would have on Toronto tenants.  25% of tenants pay hydro costs directly, while others pay through their rent.

The Vunerable Energy Consumer Coalition (VECC) of which the FMTA is a key member also made key recomendations to the Board.

While the OEB denied the rate increase for Hydro, the FMTA also urged the Ontario Energy Board to consider a full hearing for Toronto Hydro to determin if the companies claim that their infrastructure needs required such a large increase, were correct. The OEB denied the full hearing.

January 12, 2012

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