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Tenants of an East York Apartment Building Extatic After Landlord Reverses Position on Illegal Airconditioning Fee

Residents of an East York building are delighted that their landlord has revised a decision to charge them an illegal air-conditioning fee. Following a CBC investigation, Capreit has informed tenants that the $125 air-conditioning charge for the summer does not have to be paid. Tenants who have already paid the charge will be issued a refund. Those who have removed their air conditioners in response to the demand for this fee, are able to reinstall them.


Geordie Dent, quoted in the CBC, refers to the air-conditioning fee as a “transfer of wealth.” He points out that thousands of similar letters (demanding illegal air-conditioning fees) are sent out to tenants every summer.


For more information about the legality of air-conditioning fees or to inquire if your building might be charging you an illegal air-conditioning fee, please call the Tenant Hotline at 416-921-9494.


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Tenants at East York Apartment Ecstatic After Landlord Ditches Air-conditioning Fees: 


August 10, 2017

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