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Tenants' Advocates Decry Proposal to Privatize Ontario Evictions

The province is considering a proposal to privatize evictions, either by creating a quasi-independent non-profit or approving a list of designated contractors. Tenant advocates were understandably alarmed with the bid to involve private individuals in the justice system, such that profit rather than the legal process becomes a driving force.


In 2013-14, the Landlord and Tenant Board received over 84,000 eviction applications, out of which 71% were for nonpayment of rent. The concern is that private contractors, eager to out-perform the competition, while charging a premium to evict early would overlook the need to refer vulnerable tenants to shelters or other social services.


The FMTA is quoted in the article, describing the proposal as "opening up a whole can of worms."


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March 09, 2016

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