The Annual Rent Guideline Increase for 2021 is 0%.
Tenant Hotline: 416-921-9494

Tenant Action Committee

The Tenant Action Committee (‘TAC’) is a space for FMTA membership, potential members, board members, staff and volunteers (collectively, “Members”) to engage with and inform the advocacy work of the FMTA. TAC recognizes that we as tenants have the power to change the social, economic and racial inequalities that we experience on stolen land, within a colonial, capitalist property system. 

TAC will work to promote collective action among tenants – across tenants’ associations, neighbourhoods, and organizations – by:

  • creating space for tenants to share knowledge and identify common experiences;
  • building consciousness among tenants of their own power to change their conditions; and
  • strategizing and organizing around systemic issues affecting tenants broadly.

TAC will focus its attention on issues affecting tenants across Toronto and Ontario broadly, rather than individual or building/landlord specific issues. Members who wish to address issues outside the scope of TAC’s systemic mandate may be directed to other resources such as the FMTA Tenant Hotline, their local legal clinic, or the FMTA’s Organizing and Outreach team. 

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