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Strength in Numbers: How Tenants Can Organize a Tenants Association

A tenant-led, neighbourhood wide campaign, including a rent strike, has resulted in victory for tenants in Parkdale.


This success story reflects a broader trend across Canada where tenants are organizing collectively to fight for safe and affordable housing. In some cases, tenants do not feel that conventional legal options yield results; other tenant groups organize within the system. Regardless, what has become abundantly clear is that by working together, tenants can effectively challenge the perceived power imbalance, particularly when dealing with a large, corporate landlord.


Often this is accomplished by forming a tenant association to fight for better living conditions within the building. It is not uncommon for tenant associations to collaborate with other associations across their neighbourhood or city to advance change.


Remember that the Residential Tenancies Act in Ontario protects the right of tenants to organize and belong to a tenant association without threat of eviction, harassment or intimidation from a landlord.


If you and your neighbours are interested in establishing a Tenants Association, the FMTA can help! Please contact our Tenant Association organizer at 416-479-0750.  


If you want to read the full article which appeared in Now Magazine, please visit:

August 29, 2017

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