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Spotlight on Tenant Associations: the West Lodge Tenants' Association

The West Lodge Tenants' Association represents residents of 103-105 West Lodge Avenue, in Parkdale. The group acts as an advocate and as a consumer protection watchdog both for residents and for other concerned tenants. The TA has primarily focused on the Wynn Group, formerly known as Wynn Family Properties. The Wynn Group is described as "the biggest slum lord in Toronto." The Tenant Association has existed since 1972 and organized a successful rent strike in the 1990s with the assistance of the Parkdale Community Legal Services.

The TA's website is a rich repository of information about the Wynn Group - its business dealings and a history of the property. It contains links to relevant media coverage and useful links to legal and community organizations and resources.

Click here to visit the website for the West Lodge Tenants Association!

March 29, 2013

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