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Spotlight on Tenant Associations: The Parkdale Tenants' Association

The Parkdale Tenants Association has been working to improve tenants' lives since 1971. A grassroots group with strong roots in the community, its members have joined together to force landlords to be more accountable. High rent increases, buildings in appalling condition, and harassment by landlords continue to be issues faced by low-income tenants in Parkdale. In recent years, the PTA has focused on individual buildings and landlords responsible for some of the worst maintained high-rises in the area. In some cases, this work has resulted in substantial improvements in building maintenance, refunds for tenants charged illegal key deposits, and improvements in heat and hot water access.

In the Spring of 2002 the PTA launched an aggressive campaign to evaluate living conditions in Parkdale apartment buildings. Tenants had complained that rents were going through the roof and that many tenants were living in slum conditions. In response, the PTA came up with the idea of rating apartment buildings just as the City of Toronto had started rating restaurants and eating establishments.

The PTA relies on dedicated volunteer tenants to promote its campaigns. You can visit the website to learn about campaigns, upcoming meetings, news coverage and other information.

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March 13, 2013

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