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Shining a light on Leases:Ten Important Tips for Tenants

Tenants often fall victim to misleading clauses and language in leases and are taken advantage of by landlords. This article provides ten useful tips as well as a summary of beneficial resources to get more information.


Tips include the following:


1) You cannot stop paying your rent even if there are maintenance or repair problems (including rodent or insect infestations) or if your landlord is not respecting your rights as a tenant.



2) "Damage” and “cleaning” deposits are illegal. Landlords cannot use your rent deposit to pay for damages, cleaning, etc.


3) Tenants can be evicted during the winter.  There’s an urban myth that a landlord cannot evict you in winter. This is untrue. 



The article calls for government action to implement a standardized lease which complies with the law.


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March 30, 2016

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