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June 3, 2003

A major Toronto landlord is now charging rent to dogs. The Federation has obtained a lease used by Briar Lane Management that requires an extra monthly payment of $250 a month for apartments with dogs.

Pets are permitted in all Ontario apartments, but some tenants will have to pay $3000.00 a year for that right.

Starting rents are not regulated under Ontario's ill advised Tenant Protection Act.

"This is a further exploitation of a bad Act" said Dan McIntyre, Program Co-Ordinator for the FMTA. "What's next - added charges for having children?"

We will be urging any tenant to bring a case forward to have this charge disputed. Meanwhile, we will continue to call for a whole new Act and for fairness for tenants.

Pets are a good thing - exploitation by landlords is not.

We will be making the Government aware of this further bastardizing of their Act.

June 02, 2003

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