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Kensington Market tenants at odds with landlord over rent hike

In an extreme and ugly example of gentrification in Kensington Market, tenants living in 38 Kensington Rd and neighbouring properties are in an ongoing dispute with their landlord, who is attempting to induce tenants to leave their units or to raise their rents by as much as 50%.


The article quotes several different perspectives, the landlord and his paralegal, tenants, various community representatives and tenant advocates.


Part of the dispute arises out of the fact that several tenants do not have written leases. The Landlord is trying to get everyone to sign a new lease- something he cannot force under the Residential Tenancies Act. In the article, Geordie is referenced as saying that written, verbal and implied rental contracts all have legal validity.


On a positive note, there has been a great deal of community support and solidarity shown the affected tenants with the group “Friends of Kensington” organizing a barbeque to rally support.


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August 10, 2016

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