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International Union of Tenants - World Conference Statement

On 19th to 21st April, representatives of the world's tenant organizations from 22 countries met in Lisbon during the International Union of Tenants’ World Conference. The conference is held every three years, and is the 22nd conference held since IUT’s foundation in 1926. During this year's conference, the International Union of Tenants - IUT - adopted a joint statement.

"Many of the world's tenant organizations are raising the alarm about rents that eat up almost all of the tenants’ income, the acute housing shortage, and in many places unsafe living conditions," says IUT President Marie Linder, who is also chairperson of the Swedish Union of Tenants.

"The world's politicians have turned a blind eye to the housing shortage for far too long and have not taken the tenants' needs seriously. With our joint statement, we want to show that the world's tenants are united. Tenant organizations worldwide will continue to fight for everyone's right to a safe home."

FMTA Chairperson and ED with a representative from the Fédération des locataires d’HLM du Québec (FLHLMQ) in Lisbon

April 24, 2023