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FMTA in the News: Tenants Told to Remove Airconditioning as Temperatures Soar

Despite paying their own hydro, tenants at 521 Finch Avenue West are feeling the heat from their landlord, Metcap Living, who is demanding tenants remove their airconditioning units or face legal action. The article delves into the law surrounding use of airconditioners in the summer, and quotes both Geordie and a representative from ACTO.

While there is nothing in the law which requires landlords to provide airconditioning, tenants are able to install airconditioners as part and parcel of their reasonable enjoyment of the unit and for health reasons. A monthly charge for airconditioners might be allowed if it was included in the original lease.

As part of a recent review, the city is looking into other measures such as requiring landlords to provide cooling rooms when the temperature reaches a certain threshold and incentives to  induce landlords to retrofit ageing buildings with roof coating and window films. These solutions were developed in places like France and Italy where heat waves in 2003 killed thousands.

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August 05, 2015

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