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FMTA Exposes Bad Landlords

Bad landlords have recently been exposed by the FMTA in a series of news articles.

The CBC program market place recently ran a 30 minute segment on a large corporate landlord who was not doing maintenance and had tenants living in delporable conditions.

The FMTA was able to work with it's partners and CBC to bring to light the issues facing the tenants in these buildings and highlight the lack of enforcement of tenant laws when it comes to basic maintenance.

Watch the episode here.

Bad landlords who take advantage of newcomers to Canada were also highlighted recently in the Toronto Star, specifically in relation to landlords who charge illegal rent deposits. The FMTA was able to work with partners including the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation and The Human Rights Legal Support Centre to expose the explointive activity landlords are engaging in and the impacts on tenants coming to Canada.

Read more here.

February 07, 2012

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