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Council Approves Next Steps Towards Landlord Licensing: Public Consultation Coming in the Fall

In what’s being hailed a major win for tenants, city council has approved the next step towards licensing landlords. It’s a move advocates say will lead to better adherence to building standards and improve the quality of life of the half of Toronto’s residents who live in apartments. City council is not being asked to create a landlord licensing system now but to vote on holding public consultations this fall.


City staff have proposed that licensing would apply to 3,300 apartment buildings that are three storeys or higher, with 10 units or more. Information would be made available to prospective and existing tenants as part of a proactive approach to ensuring that building standards are maintained, including requiring landlords to develop maintenance plans.


Councillor Josh Matlow, who chairs the tenant issues committee and has pushed for licensing, said council’s vote sent a “strong message” that council plans to support tenants. “Today demonstrated that the landlord lobby’s efforts to misinform the public and try to manipulate tenants into advocating against their own interests failed,” he said.


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  1. Council approves next step towards landlord licensing

June 20, 2016

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