The Annual Rent Guideline Increase for 2024 is 2.5%
Tenant Hotline: 416-921-9494

Resource: Are You Having Trouble Paying Your Rent?

Check out this new web-resource from the Akelius Tenant Network.


Written for renters living in buildings owned by Akelius in Toronto, the information also applies to any residential tenant (covered under the Residential Tenancies Act) living in Ontario Canada, though some services are Toronto-based.


Link: Are You Having Trouble Paying Your Rent?


Answering important questions such as:

  • “I’m worried that I’m going to owe several months worth of rent and be in even more debt. Can they sue for it?”


  • “Isn’t the landlord insured? So they’re covered, right?”


  • “Up until COVID I worked as a waiter and that industry has been destroyed. If I stayed here several months and didn’t pay rent what could legally happen to me?”


  • “I am behind on my rent, should I stay and try to make it work, or should I just move back in with my parents so I don’t end up owing more money?”


  • “I heard from my landlord that they require 60 days notice before I can move out. They say I need to pay one more month of rent even though I’ll be gone by the the end of this month. Can they do that legally?”

March 12, 2021