The Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations (FMTA) is a non-profit Organization which advocates for better rights for Tenants. Founded in 1974, we are the oldest and largest Tenant Federation in Canada. The FMTA is comprised of affiliated Tenant Associations and of individual Members. We have over 3,000 members and continue to grow.

Register for the FMTA Condo Tenants Association Webinar! April 15th at 7pm

The Federation of Metro Tenants Associations (FMTA) is helping with the formation of a Condo Tenants Association in Toronto. We will be holding a webinar on Tues April 15, from 7.00pm to 8.00pm to discuss the details of the Condo TA and why it is being put together.

Learn More about the Condo Tenants Association!


Are you a Condo tenant in the City of Toronto?

The FMTA has heard from thousands of Condo tenants throughout the years and we know that they face particular issues.  However unlike other tenants in hi-rises, condo tenants in the City have a difficult time organizing.


Support Your Federation!

The FMTA is now on Paypal and can accept credit card or internet-based donations or membership applications.  Donating or becoming a member of the FMTA has never been easier!

Discounts for FMTA Members!!!

FMTA Members will now receive discounts for car rentals and tenants insurance to get more information just contact the following:

Contact Aviva Insurance for general inquiries or to get a quote, please
contact Willis Canada Inc. at 416.869.1320, and let your broker know
that you are calling from FMTA. 

Pursuing a Judgment Against a Landlord in Ontario and the Case for Landlord Licensing

The article describes the struggle of a tenant pursuing justice through the Landlord and Tenant Board. After obtaining a judgment against their landlord from the LTB, the tenant had another uphill battle trying to get the judgment enforced- in order to get money owed to them by the landlord.


Cold Weather Blues: Heat, Leaks and Snow Removal

With a cold winter approaching, many tenants are having issues with snow removal, ice and heat.  The following are common questions that tenants have about issues in the winter:


Automatic Rent Reductions 2014: Frequently Asked Questions

This year, a little under 40,000 rent reduction notices are going out to tenants in the City of Toronto.

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