Response to Variance Applications Based on Municipal Waste Charges


This submission was prepared by a variety of lawyers and legal advisers.  It was not prepared by the FMTA.

In order to use this submission, you should have recieved a notice from the Landlord and Tenant Board that your landlord has applied for a variance hearing in order to reduce or eliminate your rent reduction.

Your landlord is also required to send you a copy of their application.

Your can use this submission if your landlord is trying to reduce or eliminate your rent reduction based on costs related to the munucipal waste levy.

If you wish to use this submission you should:

a) wait until the Landlord and Tenant Board has sent you a "notice of hearing"

b) fill out all applicable information and sign the submission

c) call the FMTA tenant hotline (416-921-9494) if you need help

d) send the submission to the Landlord and Tenant Board.  Their address should be on your "notice of hearing".