Kensington Market tenants at odds with landlord over rent hike

In an extreme and ugly example of gentrification in Kensington Market, tenants living in 38 Kensington Rd and neighbouring properties are in an ongoing dispute with their landlord, who is attempting to induce tenants to leave their units or to raise their rents by as much as 50%.

Beat the Heat this summer!

Did you know that buildings without air conditioning can get hotter than the air outside, and stay hot longer? Too much heat can lead to serious health problems. Get tips from the City of Toronto on how to keep your home cool this summer.

New rules for landlords sound good to tenant of much-lamented building

In light of the public consultations scheduled on proposed landlord licensing in late August, the Toronto Star revisited 500 Dawes Road. This highly publicized building had the largest number of complaints received by the City’s Municipal Licensing and Standards department.

Facing Eviction? Behind on your Rent? The Rent Bank Can Help

The Toronto Rent Bank provides limited, interest free loans and to seniors, individuals, and families facing imminent eviction for rental arrears. The maximum loan is two months rent. The Rent Bank also provides rental deposit loans to those who require first and/or last month rent to move to more affordable or stable housing.

Tenant Association Profile: Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network

The Hamilton Tenants Solidarity Network (HTSN) is a grassroots initiative that seeks to link tenants from across Steel City in order to amplify our struggles through solidarity and direct action.

Council Approves Next Steps Towards Landlord Licensing: Public Consultation Coming in the Fall

In what’s being hailed a major win for tenants, city council has approved the next step towards licensing landlords. It’s a move advocates say will lead to better adherence to building standards and improve the quality of life of the half of Toronto’s residents who live in apartments.

Ontario Announces 2017 Rent Guideline which is 1.5%

On Friday, the Government of Ontario announced the 2017 rent increase guideline which is 1.5%. The rent guideline is the percentage by which a landlord can raise a tenants rent without applying to the Landlord and Tenant Board for permission.

Provincial Government Discriminating Against Pets: Sign the Petition!

Recently proposed amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act would further disadvantage tenants who are pet-owners and animal lovers and goes a long way in demonstrating the government’s lack of compassion and care for animals.