311 Emergency After Hours Service

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The Municipal Licensing & Standards Division of the City of Toronto, with the assistance of 311 Toronto, says that residents to contact ML&S staff for emergency matters after regular business hours, weekends and on holidays by visiting 311 Toronto or calling 311.

Bed Bug Summit

The FMTA will be attending MPP Mike Colle's Bed Bug Summit on September 29th and we are looking to share tenants' experiences with bed bugs. If you would like us to share your stories, what worked, what didn't, and what the impact was on your life, please let us know! You can reach us at  Thank you!

Time to Turn on the Heat!!


The heat should now be on in your apartments to ensure that it is a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius (69.8 F) all the time! The landlord has this requirement from September 15th to June 1st.

Rent Increase Guideline for 2011 is 0.7%

The Ontario Annual Guideline amount for 2011 has been set at 0.7%.

This means that your landlord cannot increase your rent in 2011 by more than 0.7%. So, for example, if you rent is $1000 per month, the maximum your landlord can increase it to is $1007. Your landlord must give you 90 days written notice to raise it.

Get on the Voters List!

Toronto Elections Wants You to Vote!

Toronto Elections is asking you to "Get on the list!"

Are you on the voters' list? It's important that you are as it makes voting fast and easy - and it's as simple as 1, 2, 3 to get on the list:

1. Call 311 to find out if you are on the voters' list.

Announcement from the FMTA

For over 35 years, the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations (FMTA) has been committed to working tirelessly with and for tenants, advocating for better rights for all tenants in Toronto. Founded in 1974, we are the oldest and largest tenant federation in Canada, comprised of affiliated tenant associations with over 3,000 individual members.


FMTA is on Flickr!

The FMTA has joined Flickr so folks can see who we are and what we're up to!

Check out out Flickr page here.

"Your Rights. Your Language: Renting A Place to Live" Multi-lingual Audio and Written Materials for Tenants.

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) has produced a guide to Tenant's Rights in multiple language. It is available in Arabic, Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, French and English. Access it by clicking on the links below:

استئجار محل للسكن

The Thousandth Tower: Stories from Inside a Toronto Suburban Highrise

FMTA representatives were in attendance at the May 12, 2010 World Premiere of "The Thousandth Tower: Stories from Inside a Toronto Suburban Highrise". The Thousandth Tower is a National Film Board web-documentary directed by Katerina Cizek. It follows the lives of 6 residents of Toronto apartment towers.