Automatic Rent Reductions 2013: Questions and Answers

This year, over 136,000 rent reductions are going out to tenants in the City of Toronto.

Go to the City of Toronto's website to learn more and see if you qualify for a rent reduction.

Click here to visit the City of Toronto website!


You can also call the Tenant Hotline at 416-921-9494.

FMTA in the News!

Top Five Tenant Gripes about Condo Landlords

Tenants face unique challenges when they rent condo units. In this article, which appeared recently in the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, The FMTA discusses top five ways in which landlords fail condo tenants:



To celebrate National Housing Day 2012, the Wellesley Institute Published a flip sheet outlining three major housing facts all Canadians should know. These are:


Connecting Communities Tenant School is Now Accepting Participants!

Would you like to learn more about landlord and tenant law?

Do your clients deal with housing problems?

Registration for the January- February 2013 Tenant School is now open. Sign up by completing the registration form and returning it to:

Howard Tessler- Tenant School Coordinator

New Resources!

The FMTA Outreach team has produced a new guide on the tenant defence fund program.

FMTA in the News!

In October, the FMTA was featured in several sources talking about low vacancy rates and tips on looking for housing:

Renters: How to Steer Clear of Bad Apartments and Lousy Landlords

FMTA Launches Connecting Communities Tenant School

On October 1st, the FMTA and Law Foundation of Ontario launched the
Connecting Communities Tenant School. The School is a two year project
being done in conjunction with Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office, Rexdale
Women's Centre and the Working Women's Community Center.

Is the heat getting you down? Start a heat registry!

A heat registry is like a neighbourhood watch but instead of keeping your community safe you are ensuring that your neighbours are protected from the extreme heat.

City of Toronto Earmarks $250,000 for Bedbug Funding

On Thursday May 20, 2012 city council unanimously voted to spend $250,000 towards fightning bedbugs and assisting the Toronto's bedbug eradication team. This team is responsible for over 4,136 inspections in 2011 and 180 deep cleans. If you would like to access more assistance with bedbugs contact 311 and explain your situation

For more information on bedbugs in the City of Toronto

Limits Set On Guideline Rent Increases

On Wednesday June 13, 2012 the government of Ontario passed legislation that amended the Residential Tenancies Act as it relates to guideline rent increases. Previous to this amendment the guideline increase was set by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and would go as high as the index allowed. Now the guideline increase is still set by the CPI but it is capped at 2.5 percent.