Find out how Toronto’s leading Mayoral Candidates will tackle housing and homeless issues and make affordable, accessible and safe housing and homelessness supports a reality in Toronto.

Fixing Toronto's Housing Crisis:

The 2014 Mayoral Forum on Housing and Homelessness.

Friday October 17th, 2014

Next city council should address differences in rooming house rules across Toronto: committee

Councillors on Toronto’s executive committee have agreed to handle an explosive issue next year – the possible legalizing of illegal rooming houses in their wards.


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Updates from the Landlord and Tenant Board

Case Management Hearing Pilot:

Starting September 15, 2014, all T2 Applications about Tenant Rights  and all T6 Applications about Maintenance, assigned to the Landlord and Tenant Board’s Southern and Toronto South Regions, will be scheduled for a case management hearing to be conducted prior to a merits hearing being scheduled.


Bill 14 Amendments:

2015 Rent Increase Guideline

The Ontario government has announced that the annual Rent Increase Guideline, the maximum percentage by which a landlord can increase the rent for most sitting residential tenants without approval from the Landlord and Tenant Board, is 1.6

Tenants taking Akelius Canada to Landlord and Tenant Board

Over 40 long-term tenants in four Akelius owned buildings in Parkdale are taking their landlord to the Landlord and Tenant Board. The tenants, all of whom rented in the buildings before Akelius bought them, believe that the landlord has negatively impacted their living conditions by taking away live-in superintendents and replacing them with a call centre.

Landlord to pay $10,000 for denying teen apartment

In a rare decision, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the landlord of 500 Dawes Road must pay a teen $10,000 for refusing to rent an apartment to the then 17-year old.


Akelius, a Swedish-owned company, says it’s offering a new style of modern rental living. But tenant advocates are warning that its aggressive pursuit of higher rents is threatening to distort the city’s already unaffordable housing market – and push lower-income residents out of their communities.


Akelius Tenants March on Landlord

Fed up with poor repairs, escalating rents and fear of being forced out of their neighbourhood, tenants in Parkdale  from three buildings owned by Akelius marched on their landlord's property management office, forcing a meeting with Akelius property managers.

1501 Woodbine Avenue Tenants Use Video To Document Repair Needs

In 2013, after numerous issues with repairs, tenants at 1501 Woodbine Avenue decided to document and post problems with their buildings.  The building is one of the most heavily investigated building in Toronto from the City Property Standards department.